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Team behind the miracle

Vipin Joshi

Prof. Vipin Joshi
Educationist & Entrepreneur I Founder

A man of many talents, Prof. Vipin Joshi is a teacher, an entrepreneur & a visionary. He established CatalyseR eduventures (i) Pvt. Ltd to train students for competitive entrance examination and has produced 5 IIT JEE Zone toppers in 4 consecutive years which is a national record. He has also produced 750+ NTSE scholars which is another national record in India. Received numerous awards from dignitaries for his contribution in the field of Education including Shri. Satyapal Singh, Cabinet Minister for HRD & Higher Education (GOI), Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Deepak Joshi, Education Minister (Govt. of MP).

His passion for work and intense desire to bring a positive change in the society is well known. Following the same Prof. Vipin Joshi along with expert team of gynecologist, scientists & IITians started research to revive Ancient Indian Garbh Sanskar Process. Today the world knows it by the name "Krishna Coming"

Pravin Nath

P.P. Shri Praveen Nathji Maharaj
Garbh Sansakar Expert, M.A. (Sanskrit), Yog Visharad, Jyotish Martand, Prakrutik Chikitsak

Initiated in Nath Parampara of Sanatan Dharma, Acharya Praveen Nathji Maharaj taught students of science for many years himself. His congenital inclination towards spiritualism took him to Himalayas under the guidance of his Guru. During that period Acharya-Shri studied Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayan, Daas Bodh & many other granths in depth and earned various degrees such as Yog Visharad, Jyotish Mart and, Prakrutik Chikitsak etc…

Acharya Shri has been continuously traveling all over India for the pious premise of spreading the Vedic Dharma among people. For the past 22 years Acharya Praveen Nathji Maharaj has been tirelessly working to revive the long forgotten ancient Indian Garbhsanskar process. Today, under the guidance of Acharya-shri, thousands of families have given birth to calm, intelligent and sanskarvaan progeny.

Vipin Joshi

Vedratna Dr.Shivkaran Thottam Namboothiri
B.A.M.S., P.G.D.Y., Ayurved Ratna, Vaidik Mantrochchar Expert (Samveda)

Having born in the Glorious lineage of Adhya Shankaracharya himself, Acharya Shivakaran Thottam Namboothiri has devoted his entire life in the service of Vedas. Shri Thottam belongs to the one of the two rarest Namboothiri families of Kerela who have conserved the Shastriya tradition of chanting Samaveda. A living encyclopedia of Ayurveda, Shri Thottam has amazed Germany, America and many other nations with the miraculous effects of Vedic Hymns.

Vedratna Dr. Shivakarn Thottam Namboothiri has shouldered the responsibilities of showering the qualities of Mann, buddhi & sanskar of baby inside the womb with the Samvedic chants in Krishna Coming.

Narayan Sir

Shri Kothmangalam Vasudevan Namboothiri
M.STAT.,Vaidik Mantrochchar Expert (Rigveda)

Shri Kothmangalam Vasudevan Namboothiri is one of the most honoured and senior most authority of Rigveda in India. From the earliest of his age, Shri Vasudevan Namboothiri has excelled his academics, achieved various gold medals at university level and served as Rank 1 officer in the Statistical Services of India for many years. When Shri Namboothiri felt that his administrative service is conflicting his services to Vedas, Shri Narayanan took voluntarily retirement and dedicated his life for the services of Vedas. Today, under his guidance hundreds of Vedic Brahamins are illuminating the Vedic tradition of India.

Shri Kothmangalam Vasudevan Namboothiri has shouldered the responsibilities of showering the qualities of Mann, buddhi & sanskar of baby inside the womb with the Rigvedic chants in Krishna Coming as these are chanted by Shri-Mukh of Shri Vasudevan himself.

Dr. Poonam Newalkar

Dr. Newalkar
MBBS, MD (Obs-Gyn) Exp: 20 Years.

When it comes to high-risk pregnancy cases, Dr. Newlakar is counted among the best gynecologist of India. Having completed MBBS in 1995 & M.D.(OBS & GYN) in 2001, Dr. Newlakar has successfully handled more than 1 Lac pregnancy cases in the past 20 years.

Apart from being a highly successful & experienced medico, Dr. Newlakar is spreading the science of being positive & stressfree during pregnancy in her patients through Garbh Sanskars for the past 17 years.

Ramesh Nagda

Prof. Ramesh Nagda
B.Tech. IIT Mumbai

An alumnus of the very first batch of IIT Mumbai in 1980, Prof. Ramesh Nagda has been multi-dimensional personality from the very beginning. A member of various high level academic committees, Prof. Nagda himself is a successful entrepreneur, IIT trainer & counsellor. Thousands of his trained students are shining on an international level in various MNCs.

Apart from science his interests include spiritualism. Prof.Nagda is a member of team Krishna Coming from past many years. His technological expertise & invovlement in the functioning of Isht Mantra feature where the astrological calculations of rashis of Pregnant women and her husband are done & the software algorithm associated with it has been very helpful in shaping the Krishna Coming application.

Pankaj Pimple

Prof. Pankaj Pimple
M.Sc (Gold Medalist), M.Phil, Ph.D

For past 20 years, Prof. Pankaj Pimple has been an inspiration for many of the research scholars across India. Known for his scientific & research based approach for finding solutions of critical issues, he has been training IIT aspirants for more than 2 decades now.

A man of science on one hand and a spiritual soul on the other, Prof. Pimple went to great lengths to research & analyse scientific relevance of ancient texts based on garbh sanskar. His valuable contribution helped in shaping the most credible and scientific garbh sanskar curriculum of the world i.e: Krishna Coming.

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