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To start using Krishna Coming Garbhsanskar, you need to simply download ‘Krishna Coming’ mobile application on your android device from the playstore. After installing the application just enter your basic details on the app for the free trial. After the free demo, to access full content you can select a premium plan to continue using it as per your pregnancy stage.

No, ‘Krishna Coming Garbhsanskar’ is a mobile application only service. You can access and use Krishna Coming on your Android & Apple Mobile and tablet devices.

Whether you are in your 1st month of pregnancy or in 9th month of pregnancy, it is never too late to start the process of garbhsanskar. Krishna Coming is prepared in such a scientific way that even late joiners can benefit from this curriculum. Moreover, you can always subscribe to watch episodes of previous months of pregnancy that you’ve missed.

Knowing date of birth & time of birth is important so that by exact astrological calculation your ‘Unique Personal Isht Mantra’ can be generated.

In case you do not have exact date or time of birth please enter the approximate date & time, choose the option ‘I am not sure’, so that calculations can be done on basis of the general positions of planets & constellations and ‘Personal Isht Mantra’ can be generated.

Curriculum of Krishna Coming Garbhsanskar is based on ‘step by step process’ that means all the episodes will carry essence of previous videos. Next video will only be unlocked in your online account when you have watched previous videos. Also, you can only watch videos of your current month of pregnancy.

Entire GarbhSanskar curriculum of Krishna Coming is designed by keeping safety of mother & the child in top priority. Pregnant women just have to watch the videos & listen to music that poses no harm to mother & child in any way.

Yes. Since GarbhSanskar is a process that starts before the conception of the child in the mother’s womb, Krishna Coming also offers a ‘Pre-Pregnancy Course (Garbhdan course)’ on the app. The features of the course include Best Dates for Intercourse, Isht Mantra, GarbhadanSanskar, Garbhadan Special Meditation, Daily Evening Prayer and Garbhadan Special Mantra & Sangeet. Couples who are planning pregnancy can benefit from this course.

While an episode is unlocked, you can watch those episodes any number of times you want. There are no restrictions on that.

If you have any question or query regarding the program you can access help by tapping in settings option in your Krishna Coming Mobile application.

No, since your account is created strictly based on combination of date & time of birth of mother & father, the garbhsanskar content, music & mantras are made available only for you in such a way that it will benefit specifically your pregnancy & your child. Since it is highly impossible that your friend/colleague share same date of birth & time of birth as you, and their husbands also share same date & time of birth as your husband. We suggest you to register with different accounts.

Personal Isht mantras in your mobile account are chanted by ‘Traditional Vedpathi Brahmins’ following strict rules of chanting mantras ie: Varna (alphabet), Swara (intonation of each syllable), Matra(duration of uttering each syllable), Balam(stress on each syllable), Saama (balance & tune of entire mantra), Santana (spacing of mantra). These rules are very difficult for us to follow & chant as it is. So, it would be beneficial for us to only listen to these chants, so that their reverberations can positively affect mother, child & entire family.

No, you can not download garbhsanskar music on your mobile application from the music player interface.

No, the entire Krishna Coming GarbhSanskar curriculum ends at the 9th month. So, your account will itself get suspended after the end of your subscription period.

Krishna Coming offers you variety of subscription plans according to your pregnancy month. 3 monthly, 6 monthly, 9 monthly etc… Unfotunately there is no cancellation option in the middle of any subscription plan. You can end your subscription by the end of your subscription period.

1) Android Mobile or Tablet with Android OS version 5.0 or above.

2) Minimum 2 MBPS stable internet or stable 3g/4g data connection.

3) Active Sim card inside your mobile or tablet device at all times.

In a 9 monthly plan you can change your mobile device 3 times, that is, you can change your device once in every 3 months.

In a 3 monthly plan you can change your mobile device 2 times.

In a two monthly plan you can change you mobile device only one time.

You can always generate a new password by clicking on forgot password during login screen. Tap on forgot password and follow the steps given there.

You can start at anytime during your pregnancy. But, we suggest you to start with Krishna Coming GarbhSanskar as soon as you get the good news of your pregnancy. Start as soon as you can, because every single day of your pregnancy counts to shape a better future for you and your child by imparting great health, intelligence & values in your child.

Medical experts of Krishna Coming are top medical professionals of India. The tests & other care advice by them are given by considering viewers a ‘normal pregnancy case’. You should always listen to the advice of your healthcare professional/gynecologist because everyone has a different body, different pregnancy conditions, tolerance, hormonal balance etc…

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