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About Us

Garbh Sanskar

What is Garbh Sanskar?

Multiplication of Virtues & Division of Defects is called Sanskar’....

What is

Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App is a result...

garbh sanskar experts

A Team of

IITians • Scientists • Gynaecologists Garbh Sanskar Experts • Vedmurti Brahmins Life Trainers • Yoga Experts • Meditators • Nutritionists Revered Astrologers & more...

working towards making your pregnancy a more positive, happy & healthy experience

Courses & Features

Garbh Sanskar Online Classes Through An Intuitive App.
23+ Features | Unique Combination of Shaastra & Modern Science

Sankalp Poojan

garbhsanskar sankalp

Live Sankalp Poojan before starting Garbh Sanskar

Punsavan Sanskar

punsavan sanskar

An important sanskar performed during the third month of pregnancy

Simantonnayana Sanskar

simantonayan sanskar

An important sanskar performed during the seventh/eighth month of pregnancy

GarbhSanskar Music

garbh sanskar music

Music based on specific ragas for the ideal development of a child

Supraj Santaanotpatti Havan

santanotpatti havan

Monthly vaidic havan for the safety and health of your child



To de-stress yourself

Garbh Sanskar QnA

Prof. Vipin Joshi

All of your questions, queries & concerns related to Garbh Sanskar & Life… Answered by our experts Live.

Yoga Session

yoga for pregnant women

Safe Yogasans for pregnancy demonstrated by Yogasan experts as per your pregnancy month Live.

Nutritionist Session

healthy pregnancy

What To eat, What not to eat Guidance of Nutritionists for various months of pregnancy.

Doctor's Session


Answers to all of your medical issues or concerns from the top gynecologists of the nation in a Live session.

Courses & Features

Garbh Sanskar Online Classes Through An Intuitive App.
23+ Features | Unique Combination of Shaastra & Modern Science

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Awards & Accolades

garbh sanskar award

Appreciated by the Dignitaries

An initiative to change the entire generation- ‘Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar’


User Stories

From India & Abroad, their lives have changed for better...

garbh sanskar happy customers

Mr. & Mrs. Dubey

krishna coming garbh Sanskar experience

Mr. & Mrs. Jalan

customer experience

Mr. & Mrs. Chauhan

client experience

Mr. & Mrs. Kumar

user testimonials

Dr. Rajendar Pensiya

user experience

Mr. & Mrs. Lahoti

user's experience

Mr. & Mrs. Kumar

customer's experience

Mrs. Chandrakala Sahu

client testimonial

Mrs. Geeta Kapil Madan

customer testimonial

Mr. & Mrs. Tarpada

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A Glimpse of
Positive motherhood
and happier lives...

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of Happy, Healthy
& Stress free

Scientific Evidences

Modern Science now in unison with Ancient Indian Science...

scientific evidence of garbh sanskar

Maternal Music exposure during pregnancy influences neonatal behavior

garbh sanskar evidence

Garbhsanskar: Knowledge, attitude & practice among antenatal mothers...

grabh sanskar proof

Babies Listen & Learn while in the womb

scientific proof of garbh sanskar

Language Learning begins in Utero, new study finds

scientifically proved garbh sanskar

Effects of selected aspect of Garbhsanskar on stress, coping

scientific evidence

Mother - The Architect of Child

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garbh sanskar in third trimester

Nurturing Your Pregnancy: Garbh Sanskar in the Third Trimester

garbh sanskar in second trimester

Garbh Sanskar in the Second Trimester: A Comprehensive Guide

garbh sanskar in first trimester

Unraveling The Power of Garbh Sanskar in The First Trimester

guide of pregnancy garbh sanskar

9 Stages of Pregnancy, Month by Month: Your Definitive Guide To Pregnancy

when to start garbh sanskar

From Which Month Should You Start Garbh Sanskar?

fruit not to eat during pregnancy

Fruits Not To Eat During Pregnancy

how to do garbhsanskar

How to Do Garbh Sanskar at Home

take care of preganant women

How to Take Care of Pregnant Women During Pregnancy

benefit of coconut water during pregnancy

5 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Water During Pregnancy

garbh sanskar application

Best Garbh Sanskar App - Krishna Coming

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to start with Krishna Coming GarbhSanskar?

To start using Krishna Coming Garbhsanskar, you need to simply download ‘Krishna Coming’ mobile application on your android device from the playstore. After installing the application just enter your basic details on the app for the free trial. After the free demo, to access full content you can select a premium plan to continue using it as per your pregnancy stage.

Can I use Krishna Coming on my laptop or desktop computer?

I am in the 5th month of my pregnancy; am I too late to start GarbhSanskar with Krishna Coming?

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