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What is Garbh Sanskar?

Before delving into the profound practice of Garbh Sanskar, it is imperative to understand the concept of 'Sanskars',

॥ संस्कार्यस्य गुणाधानेन वा स्याद्योषाप नयनेन वा ॥
-ब्रह्मसूत्र भाष्य

This shloka from brahma sutra explains ‘sanskars’ as implanting qualities in a person, but in a broader sense ,'Sanskars'; are deeply ingrained cultural and spiritual imprints that guide an individual's life journey. These imprints encompass rituals, traditions, and practices that shape a person's character, values, and beliefs from birth to death. Each stage of life is marked by specific Sanskars, in fact, there happen to be 40 sanskars according to ‘Gautam Smriti Shastr’, but in the present day, as per ‘Maharishi Ved Vyas Smriti Shastra’ sixteen sanskars are popular also known as “Shodash” sanskar and one of the most intriguing and impactful among them is Garbh Sanskar.
So, what is Garbh Sanskar?  The process of instilling qualities and eliminating the defects is known as ‘Sanskar’, and when these Sanskars are implanted in a child during pregnancy itself, then it is called GarbhSanskar.

Unveiling the Essence of Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar is a profound and time-honored practice that focuses on nurturing and educating the unborn child within the mother's womb. It is a holistic approach to prenatal care that emphasizes the importance of creating an ideal environment, both physical and emotional, for the baby's development. The belief underlying Garbh Sanskar is that the mental and emotional state of the mother significantly influences the baby's overall well-being, including its intellect, personality, and physical health.

In the ancient Hindu Philosophy it has been emphasized multiple times that the world we see around us is changing, Shri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita calls it ‘Aniitya’. ‘Anitya’ or the element of ‘Change’ gives the diversity we see around us. It is the reason that some people we see are calm since childhood and some people are chaotic. The learning ability of some is better than that of others. Why is there such a difference, what is the reason for it? The reason for this is that the life of us humans is governed by the combination of two factors, Prarabdh and Sanskars:

  • Prarabdha: Prarabdha means what we have brought from our previous life which we also know as “Theory of Karma” in Hindu religion.
  • Sanskar: Sanskar means the qualities acquired from our upbringing and the environment around us which form our personality.

The reason for this is obvious that the change of Prarabdha is not in our hands, but we can control the transmission of Sanskar.

During pregnancy, GarbhSanskar is the best effort to nurture the mind, intellect and personality of the child. The scriptures and science are unanimous in the fact that the mind, intelligence and health of the child in the womb are deeply affected by his environment and surroundings.

Examples for this phenomenon are also found in the scriptures and Puranas that the baby in the womb is extremely sensitive, such as:

  • Abhimanyu in Mahabharata; The brave Abhimanyu broke the Chakravyuh which even the great experts could not penetrate, at the age of 16, because when Arjun was teaching Subhadra to penetrate the Chakravyuh, Abhimanyu was in the womb.
  • Sati Madalsa in the Markandeya Purana, daughter of Gandharva and queen of King Ritadhwaj; “Sati Madalasa is said to have declared in advance the qualities, actions, and nature of her child, and then to adopt the same thoughts, actions, lifestyle, diet, and behavior, Due to which the child would be exactly as she wanted.”
  • Prahlad in Vishnu Purana; Prahlad was born in the family of a demon named Hiranyakashipu, but his mother stayed for some time during her pregnancy in the ashram of Devrishi Narad where the sage used to narrate the story of Lord Vishnu to him, as a result he became a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He stood for goodness and shunned all evil.

There are many such stories recorded in our Puranas and scriptures which show the importance and proof of Garbh Sanskar, and now many modern scientific researches also show the data which are in favor of Garbh Sanskar.

Fostering a Lifelong Connection: The Role of GarbhSanskar in Mother-Child Bonding

“A mother holds her children in her heart”— could be true as there’s a lifelong connection that forms between baby and mother after conception. Practicing Garbh Sanskar during pregnancy strengthens this connection.

Modern science suggests that maternal cells interact with the baby through the placenta. And the placenta performs the following functions for the baby’s development:

  • Keeps your baby protected
  • Delivers oxygen and nutrients
  • Transmits your immunity to your baby
  • Eradicate harmful substances and carbon dioxide

But there is more to it. The placenta also secretes serotonin which plays an important role in fetal brain development. When serotonin is at normal levels, your emotions are stable, and you feel happier and calmer. Serotonin is important but its excess can cause the baby’s brain to stop producing neurons. Likewise, too little serotonin also has bad consequences.

To keep serotonin production at normal levels, you have to stay positive. You can stay positive and ensure the proper mental development of your baby with ancient Garbh Sanskar practice.

Research suggests that only half of the brain development depends on genes. The environment around the baby stimulates the other half.

That’s why staying positive is necessary for a mother. Maintain optimal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Garbh Sanskar activities can induce a huge development in your baby right from the womb. It will also make them calm, virtuous, and healthy.

A Miracle? How does “Garbh Sanskar” do it?

Knowing that child and the mother share a sophisticated connection that can do wonders if treated right. A question might surface to your brain: how does this “Garbh sanskar” work? Sorry to break it to you but it is not magic. It may seem like it works like magic, but it is scientific. According to a study published in International journal of medical research and review “Garbh Sanskar is highly effective in reducing maternal stress, anxiety, medical co-morbidities and incidence of operative deliveries and gives better neonatal outcomes in terms of better growth, birth weight and APGAR. And all of this requires nothing but a mother’s will to give her baby the best possible environment and few actions to achieve that goal.

What actions? You may ask. Sit back and relax and read this article, ofcourse. Because we've got you covered for this.

The Art of Garbh Sanskar: Enriching Activities for Your Baby's Womb Development.

The ancient Vedic Garbh Sanskar tradition requires a woman's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health to be excellent for staying positive during pregnancy. The Krishna Coming team has developed these GarbhSanskar activities, especially for you and your baby. Each activity has its unique approach and special purpose.

  • Jeevan Sutra: To Guide You Through The Ups & Downs of Pregnancy

    Your state of mind during pregnancy can determine the course of neurological and behavioral development in your baby. Babies exposed to stress hormones in the womb are prone to amygdala disorders. It means the chances of babies having higher anxiety levels in later life are higher.

    We can agree on the fact that a pregnant woman faces a lot of stressful ups and downs in life. But, knowing how to counter them will safeguard your baby. Through our Jeevan Sutra Session, acclaimed life trainers will teach you effective ways to deal with unpleasant emotions. Check out the life-changing Jeevan Sutra sessions through Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App.

  • Garbh Sanskar Music: Soothe Your Baby With Music

    Meaningful engagement with music has many positive effects on Garbh. Listening to music is one of the most important elements of Garbh Sanskar. Research suggests that Veena and flute can give health to the pregnant woman and the baby within.

    The pitches of Indian ragas work on the tridosha in a human’s body. Tridosha consists of Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. It means that Indian Ragas stimulate the dosha as per their Sthana(place), Kala(time), and samantha for the betterment of health.

    It is worth observing that listening to music during pregnancy plays a major role in a baby’s healthy neurological development in Garbh. Babies stimulated with music inside the womb will develop these qualities:

    • Faster Learning Ability
    • Improved Stress Coping Capability
    • High IQ(Intelligence quotient) and EQ(Emotional quotient) levels

    A study published in the US National Library of Medicine states that “the babies whose mother listened to Kalyani Raga during pregnancy had better reflexes, responsiveness, and mental stimulation.”

    In our app’s Garbh Sanskar Music section, you can listen to different Ragas that are apt for each month of pregnancy. Click here to download the app.

  • Garbh Sanskar Sutra: Key to Staying Happy and Positive in Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, the entire development of the baby happens in a phased manner. Being in a pleasant state can prepare you to welcome a wise, virtuous, and healthy baby.Family involvement also benefits you by reducing maternal stress and encouraging positive behaviors.

    Garbh Sanskar Sutra sessions as per your pregnancy month will help you stay positive. The basis of all sessions is the family's role in pregnancy or topics to keep you relaxed, happy, and positive. Check these optimistic sessions by downloading Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App.

  • Garbh Samvad: Lay a Solid Foundation of Your Bond With the Baby

    Garbh Samvad establishes a harmonious bond between you and the baby. The baby is not able to understand the words right now. Though, he/she can for sure sense the emotions behind your words. You can start Garbh Samvad as early as the first month itself.

    This practice, once prescribed by great ancient Indian Rishis ensures the mother's good physical, mental, and emotional health. Rejoice in these Garbh Samvad sessions and forge a bond of a lifetime through Krishna Coming GarbhSanskar App.

  • Vedic Mantra Vrushti: For a Divine Effect on Both Mother and Baby

    Vedic Mantras, originating from Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda, trigger the greatest level of positivity in the pregnant woman. Babies in the womb are sensitive to external stimuli. They try to grasp vibrations both positive and negative. A stress-free pregnant woman whose spiritual status is active can give birth to a confident, calm, and healthy baby.

    Listening to mantras chanted by the world's brilliant Vedic Brahmins can engrave all these qualities into your baby. They follow all the strict rules of Varn, Swar, Matra, Balam, Saama, and Santana. Let us put the limelight on the benefits of listening to these mighty mantras:

    • Fetus growth
    • Improve mother’s health
    • Connects the mother and baby
    • Increased production of feel-good hormones

    Get the Krishna Coming GarbhSanskar App to experience the wonders of the highly potent Vedic mantras.

  • Medi-Mitra Session: Your Friendly Guide For All Your Medical Concerns

    A doctor’s role must not be bound to only routine checkups. They should be like a friend or an elder giving their guidance. Answering your pregnancy-related questions is also an aspect of the Medi-Mitra session. Through this session, the doctor gives her accurate guidance about physical and mental issues that arise during pregnancy.

    Dr. Newalkar will be your guide in the Medi-Mitra session. She has over 22 years of experience, including at the globally acclaimed AIIMS institute. She is proficient in handling high-risk pregnancies. To get the best possible guidance during pregnancy from well-educated Dr. Newalkar, visit the Medi-Mitra section in the Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App.

  • Isht Mantra: The Most Powerful Mantra You Can Listen During Pregnancy

    The fifth place in a person’s Janam Kundli is for education, children, and their Isht Dev. Isht Mantra is the mantra of your Isht dev. This mantra is according to the couple's horoscope(Lagan).

    You have to chant this personalized Isht Mantra 108 times a day. By chanting this Mantra, Isht Dev bestows special blessings on the baby. Owing to some reason, you are finding it difficult to chant Isht Mantra 108 times, you can chant it 51 or 11 times a day.

    To get your customized Isht Mantra during pregnancy, download the Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App.

  • Yog Nidra: Stress-Relief Session for Your Inner Peace

    A number of physical changes occur during pregnancy. Changes can occur in your diet, fitness routine, and sleep patterns. As you progress through pregnancy, the loss of sleep increases.

    Scientific research has shown that 44% of pregnant women experience a lack of sleep in the first trimester. This number increases to 46% in the second trimester and 64% in the third. Poor sleep not only affects you but affects your baby as well. Insufficient sleep reduces the production of growth hormones. It can lead to developmental or growth problems in the baby.

    For your and your baby’s well-being, Krishna Coming created these guided Yog Nidra sessions as a part of the Garbh Sanskar course. Within 20-25 minutes of the session, you will find yourself feeling calmer and refreshed. You will find the Yog Nidra session in the app.

  • Garbh Kalyan Prarthna: Induce Positivity by Praying to God for Your Baby’s Good Health

    Under the Garbh Sanskar course, you will come across Garbh Kalyan Prarthna. You pray to god for making your baby healthy, intelligent, and virtuous. It’s believed that God will always listen if you pray with a pure heart.

    Also, by praying to God, you are being optimistic and keeping yourself stress-free. The more stress-free you stay, the more healthy you become. It is super beneficial as your good health will lead to your baby’s better development.

    Get access to an extraordinary library of Garbh Kalyan Prarthna through our app.

  • Nutritionist Session: Know Everything About Diet During Pregnancy

    A balanced diet is the basic fundamental of pregnancy. The growth and development of the fetus depend on the health and nutrition of the mother. Ayurved emphasizes that a balanced diet for pregnant women provides nourishment to both mother and baby.

    p>In these sessions, you will get to learn about nutrition, adequate food, and foods you should avoid during pregnancy. Our expert dietitian giving you all the information is a holder of an M.Sc. in Food & Nutrition and has experience of over 18+ years. In her career, she has counseled more than 10,000 pregnant women.

    Apart from these guided sessions, you can also ask any questions you may have about diet during pregnancy. Attend nutritionist sessions through Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App.

Long story short, the best time to start Garbh Sanskar was yesterday. The second best time is now. For optimal results, you should start GarbhSanskar right from the first month. But, if you found out about your pregnancy late, there’s no issue. You can start Garbh Sanskar anytime but the main essence lies in starting it as early as possible.

Let us also look at how the baby develops in the womb according to the Garbha Upanishad. You will understand the stages of growth that will help you decide why the first month is the best time to begin Garbh Sanskar at home.

  • First Trimester: On the day of conception, the embryo is in a semi-fluid state. After 7 days, he/she becomes a bubble. Once the 2 weeks are over, the embryo transforms into a solid mass, and in a month, the embryo hardens. At the end of 2 months, the head is completely formed. The feet appear after 3 months.
  • Second Trimester: Once the head and feet are completely formed, the other body parts start to frame. The belly and hips form in the fourth month. The fifth month marks the end of the backbone's full growth. The nose, eyes, and ears develop in the sixth month.
  • Third Trimester: The baby gains consciousness in the seventh month. The eighth month is when the baby becomes complete in every sense. In the ninth month, the baby remembers all the past lives — all the good and bad karma. He/she pledges to carve the journey back to Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. But, the baby gets touched by Maya and forgets the pledge the moment he/she comes out of the womb.

Doing GarbhSanskar during this period will help the baby familiarize themself with the outside world easily. It will also lay the foundation for a baby’s healthy brain development. Modern science also agrees with the fact that Garbh Sanskar can embed good virtues, health, and intelligence in the baby.

Ancient Rituals are an Important Aspect of Garbh Sanskar

As per Indian scriptures, every human born on earth must compulsorily perform 16 sanskars. Even divine avatars like Shri Krishna, Shri Rama, and many renowned sages also abided by these sanskars.

Rituals and traditions are precious in Indian culture. They all have both scientific and spiritual reasoning. When it comes to pregnancy, Garbh Sanskar includes 3 extremely important Sanskars namely, Garbhadhan Sanskar, Punsavan Sanskar, and Simantonnayana sanskar.

Garbhadan Sanskar: To be done, at the time of planning the baby before conception.

Just as we clean the temple before Dev Sthapna, a pregnant woman should clean her mind and body for welcoming the baby into the womb.

Keeping the mind and body fit during pregnancy will help your baby become healthy, intelligent, and virtuous. Under this sanskar, you also call upon to invite the pure atman to the womb. Under Krishna Coming ‘Garbhadhaan Sanskar’- Pre-Pregnancy Course you will get:

  • Best Dates for Intercourse: Our sages researched human life from a scientific perspective. Based on this research and the calculations of the zodiac, menstruation date, and the position of the constellations, Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar’s Vaidic Brahamins will provide you with the auspicious dates of conception.

  • Isht Mantra: In Indian astrology, experts determine Isht Mantra after considering the couple's horoscope and their Isht Dev. Isht mantra for the healthy pregnancy & safe delivery will be provided to you. This mantra is secret and should not be disclosed to anyone else except the husband & wife.

  • Garbhadaan Special Meditation: Modern scientists and doctors, all believe in the Vedic teachings of meditation. A successful conception is only possible if the woman is calm & healthy, emotionally as well as physically. Thus, Krishna Coming designed meditation sessions, specially oriented for ladies in their pre-conceive stage.

  • Daily Evening Prayer: On a daily evening, a group of women in their pre-conceive or pregnancy stage gathers for evening prayer. Together, they recite Ramraksha Stotra & Vishva Kalyan Prarthna. Pregnant women who seek a healthy and virtuous baby should attend this session. These prayers strengthen their inner self and give a peace of mind.

  • Garbhadan Special Mantra & Sangeet: Vedic Mantras and Garbh Sanskar sangeet produce vibrations that help achieve a deep state of meditation. It can help to enhance physical and mental health.

    A couple-based cohort study found that higher levels of stress do increase the risk of infertility. They measured the stress levels through the alpha-amylase enzyme present in human saliva. Science has proven that listening to Vedic Mantras and Garbh Sanskar Sangeet calms the mind and thus the odds of successful conception increase. Access the miraculous mantras and splendid sangeets through our app.

Punsavan Sanskar: To be done in the third month of pregnancy.

Punsavan Sanskar finds its first mention in Atharva Veda. In the Vedic tradition, it is the second sanskar out of the 16 sanskars. One of the most significant rituals for human life is this sanskar.

The Purpose of Punsavan Sanskar

The ultimate purpose of this sanskar is to yield exceptional mental strength, supreme intelligence, and great virtues to the baby. Moreover, this sanskar also inspires the family to make every effort to maintain a positive environment at home.

Right Time to Perform This Sanskar

Krishna Coming’s Vedic Brahmin group performs this sanskar during the third month of pregnancy. In the third month, the baby’s nervous system is under development. If you couldn't do this sanskar in the third month, you should do it in the seventh month.

The research paper also mentions that the third month of pregnancy focuses on fetal growth, both physical and spiritual. That’s why the mother’s behavior impacts the baby. To ensure the proper nourishment of the baby, Punsavan Sanskar focuses on inducing positivity in the mother’s behavior.

Simantonnayana Sanskar: To be done during 7 th month of pregnancy.

Vedic tradition mentions that Simantonnayana Sanskar is the third sanskar of the 16 sanskars. Parents should perform this sanskar to prevent miscarriage and ensure the safety of the baby in the womb. When performed under the guidance of Krishna Coming’s Vedic Brahmin group, this sanskar will prepare the pregnant woman for delivery by guiding her with positive thoughts.

The Significance of Simantonnayana Sanskar

Simantonnayana Sanskar is performed during the seventh month of pregnancy. As stated earlier, the baby gains consciousness in the seventh month. At this point, the baby is capable of absorbing information. Whatever thoughts a mother ingests from her surroundings, have a direct impact on the behavior of the baby.

The mother needs to filter her thoughts during pregnancy. Simantonnayana Sanskar keeps the mother mentally calm and induces positivity in her thoughts.

Benefits Of Garbh Sanskar During Pregnancy

Although there are myriad benefits to practicing Garbh Sanskar during pregnancy, the following are the 5 primary ones:

Developing Virtues and Values in the Child

The reason why Garbh Sanskar is conducted is to bestow quality values to the baby. The Garbh Sanskar classes incorporate Punsavan Sanskar, Simantonnayana Sanskar, Garbh Sanskar Sutra, Vedic Mantra Vrushti, Isht Mantra, GarbhSanskar Music, Jeevan Sutra, Live Meditation, etc.

Participating in these activities produces a pleasant atmosphere, and so positive values are passed on to the baby. The powerful vibrations generated by Isht Mantra, Vedic Mantra Vrushti, and Garbh Sanskar Music are really helpful to have a healthy and intelligent baby.

Establishes a Strong Bond Between the Mother and the Baby

Through Garbh Samvad, you can communicate with the baby. It is a way of laying the foundation for the mother-baby bond to last a lifetime. Other family members, in addition to the mother, can communicate with the baby.

When you’re 26 weeks pregnant, babies are capable of reacting to sounds from outside the womb. Practicing Garbh Samvad during this period will improve your baby’s language development, memory, and hearing ability.

Minimizing the Mother's Stress and Anxiety

For a woman, the pregnancy period can be pretty stressful. The instances that are making her stressed can be family situations around her. Pregnant women who are stressed or anxious could find relief with Garbh Sanskar.

In our Garbh Sanskar app, live meditation activity is extremely beneficial for reducing stress and preserving mental peace. There are several benefits of Meditation During Pregnancy that you should be familiar with.

Improving the Brain Development of Baby

Garbh Sanskar promotes the release of endorphins which boosts the mood of the mother. Externally stimulating the baby’s brain leads to the intellectual development of the baby. Garbh Sanskar also helps in reducing brain shrinkage and enhancing cognitive function.

Making Pregnancy More Comfortable

Garbh Sanskar makes the entire pregnancy a pleasant experience. Yoga sessions included in Garbh Sanskar classes not only reduce back pain during pregnancy but also help with other common physical problems during pregnancy. The likelihood of a full-term normal delivery with the least labor pain also increases if you engage in Yoga sessions regularly.

You will find all these benefits of Garbh Sanskar in the Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App. Enroll yourself in the best online Garbh Sanskar classes today.

Specific Contents of Garbh Sanskar Classes and Their Impacts

Healthy Diets During Pregnancy

A balanced diet is one of the fundamentals of both Garbh Sanskar and life. Ayurveda elaborates on simple basic principles of a balanced diet during pregnancy. The first rule of consuming food for pregnant women is to eat in adequate amounts and include all the nutrients to fulfill the needs of the fetus. The diet should also support the formation of milk and give the mother strength and vitality during delivery.

Ayurveda advises pregnant women to avoid overeating and have 4 light meals a day. The presence of all 6 Rasa (taste) namely Madhura (sweet), Amla (sour), Lavana (salty), Katu (pungent), Tikta (bitter), and Kashaya (astringent) in these 4 meals provides complete nourishment to the mother and the baby. A meal having all these 6 rasas is called Shad Rastamak Ahar. This Ahar maintains the equilibrium of Doshas in the body and restores the mother’s health thereby imparting several health benefits to the baby.

Positive Thoughts During Pregnancy

Mood swings and irritation during pregnancy hamper the mental development of the baby. To avoid such a disaster, a stable and positive mood during pregnancy is much needed. Garbh Sanskar activities allow a pregnant woman to have control over her emotions and ensure the proper development of the baby.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy, also called Prenatal Yoga is a multi-dimensional exercise that is good for pregnant women and babies. It involves many light exercises such as stretching and breathing exercises which improve blood circulation and thus nourish the baby in the womb. Apart from this, the other benefits of Yoga during pregnancy are:

  • Lowers back pain
  • Improves sleeping
  • Lower the risk of premature birth
  • Reduces physical and emotional stress
  • Controls vomiting and morning sickness
  • Improves the mother's strength, endurance, and flexibility

Meditation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy welcomes a lot of changes in hormones, lack of sleep, irritation, and a lot of other things. But, pregnancy is a time to stay positive and meditation during pregnancy can help you achieve this goal of staying positive. Here are some meditations you can do to promote a healthy pregnancy:

  • Walking Meditation
  • Body Scanning
  • Deep Breathing
  • Transcendental Meditation

If you want to know more about meditation, read this blog about the benefits of meditation during pregnancy.

Chanting Mantras & Listening to Garbh Sanskar Music

Chanting mantras and listening to Garbh Sanskar Music shapes the spiritual persona of both mother and the baby. This spiritual practice improves mental strength and increases self-belief. Listening to Mantras and Indian Ragas during pregnancy channels positive energy and builds a natural synchronization. By chanting mantras, deities bless your baby with great spiritual beliefs.

Reading Great Books and Stories

Garbh Sanskar advises reading spiritual books or stories of great personalities during pregnancy. It will channel good virtues and characteristics of these personalities into your baby. Start with these spiritual books during pregnancy. For your convenience, we also have included a library section in our app where you will find the captivating yet inspiring stories of deities and great personalities.

Garbh Sanskar at home

Garbh Sanskar, the ancient Indian practice focused on nurturing the unborn child, is a thoughtful and comprehensive approach. While it involves rituals, mantras, and lifestyle modifications, it is certainly possible to perform it at home with proper guidance. To ensure a smooth process, consider enrolling in the Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App's online course, meticulously crafted by Doctors, IItians, Ved Paathi Brahmins, and Garbh Sanskar acharyas. This comprehensive resource addresses the natural concerns of intelligent and alert parents. If you're still wondering, 'What is Garbh Sanskar?'—A crisp and concise answer to this query would be to simply download Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App on your mobile and enroll yourself in the online Garbh sanskar course

Download the Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar app and experience all the benefits of Garbh Sanskar.

Watch this video for complete information about Garbh Sanskar

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