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What is Pregnancy Calculator ?

Pregnancy Calculator helps you to find your estimated due date based on the date of your conception or LMP date. Wondering about the estimated delivery date and counting days on fingers? Calculate your baby's arrival date with a pregnancy calculator.

How Pregnancy Calculator Works?

A missed period is a sure sign of pregnancy, and after knowing the news that you’re pregnant! You may be excited to know the due date or the date for your baby's arrival. There are methods by which this calculator works. The first and the most simple way is to enter the confirmed conception date. If you’re not aware of the conception date, your due date is calculated on the basis of missed period. Next, enter the missed period date and duration of your menstrual cycle. The rest will be a pregnancy calculator, calculate!

How is the Due Date Calculated?

The best way to know the due date is to keep track of your menstrual cycle or the date you have conceived. There is nothing that makes sure you’re pregnant. Most women delay the ovulation process. The duration of your pregnancy should be 40 weeks or 280 days, that is, the completion of nine months of your pregnancy. Giving birth after 38-40 weeks of pregnancy is a good sign that your baby is appropriately developed in the womb. Taking the last day of your missed period as the base, the due date is calculated.

Knowing when an expecting mom has conceived is quite challenging to find. Many times women don’t know the exact date she has conceived, even she knows when she had sex because sperm is alive in the fallopian tube even after the five days of copulation. The actual date of conception is when fertilisation is done.

Will My Due Date Alter?

No one can surely mention your due date after your first scanning is done between 6-9 weeks of pregnancy; it may vary according to the baby's development. Sometimes it has been seen that the baby arrives before the due date, and only a few babies are born on the exact date! The suggested due date by pregnancy calculator is approx calculation according to your missed period date or conception date.

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