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Krishna Coming - Best Online Garbh Sanskar Course

Krishna Coming is the world’s first & one-of-kind online Garbh Sanskar Course Program & 9 months’ positive, spiritual & healthy pregnancy companion mobile application.

Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App is a result of more than 16 years of hard work & research of an enthusiastic Team of Professionals from various backgrounds such as Education, Medical Science, Spiritualism, Astrology, Psychology, Computer Science etc... Lead by Prof. Vipin Joshi to create a comprehensive amalgamation of Ancient Indian GarbhSanskar Process & Modern Medical Science, all to revive India’s long-forgotten science of GarbhSanskar.

Team Krishna Coming has made following Garbhsanskar easier and accessible to everyone by making the best online garbh sanskar course curriculum that is on par with the modern medical and ancient Vaidic standards.

Just download the application on your mobile, enter basic details such as your pregnancy month, date of conception, date & time of birth of father & mother, that’s it. Sit back, connect your headphones or connect your mobile to television & watch Garbhsanskar videos & audios. These audios & videos will be unlocked as your pregnancy advances. You will get notifications on mobile when new content is unlocked according to the stage of your pregnancy for the 9 months.

All the Vaidic rituals made easier for the women of today’s age & approved by top medical practitioners of India. Very small efforts to get the child of your dreams.

From Which Month Should I Start Garbh Sanskar?

Garbhsanskar starts from the day a couple plans to have a baby. But after getting the good news of pregnancy, not a single day should be wasted. So, garbh sanskar should be started as early as possible. If by any chance, one fails to start garbh sanskar in early pregnancy, she should start garbh sanskar in mid or late pregnancy. With each passing minute, hour, day & week the baby is growing and absorbing its environment. If ‘su-sanskars’ are not given then by default with all negativity in today’s world ‘ku-sanskars’ are getting absorbed by the baby. So, it is advised that a pregnant lady should start with garbh sanskar at any point of time during pregnancy with the rule of thumb the earlier the better.

Watch this video for complete information about Garbh Sanskar

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