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Live sankalppoojan before starting GarbhSanskar

In Vedic Indian tradition, every auspicious work is started with a sankalppoojan. Through Vedic Sankalp poojan under the live guidance of our Vedic Brahamin, you pray to the God, the Navgrahas& the nakshatras to give you strength & determination to carry this pregnancy for the whole term and bless you & your child with the divine qualities of wisdom, health & positivity.
Within 24 hours of subscribing to Krishna Coming garbhsanskar, you receive a communication from our representative informing you about the ‘Samagri’ required for the poojan& scheduling your one-to-one live sankalppoojan as per your availability on pre decided sankalpmuhurat. Both the husband & the wife are supposed to be present in this sankalppoojan.
After Sankalp, you can start the process of garbhsanskar as prescribed in your subscribed course.

Punsavan Sanskar
Most important sanskar during third month of pregnancy

The root of Punsavan sanskar are found in Atherv Ved. Punsavan sanskar is one of the important sanskar among sixteen sanskars as per vedic tradition. It is performed during third month of pregnancy by the vedic brahman group at Krishna Coming. The purpose of this sanskar is to develop intellectual, spiritual strength in baby as the nurvous system of the baby starts developing by third month. Moreover , this (ritual) sanskar is also intended to provide positive environment for pegnant lady. If this important sanskar is missed in third pregnancy month due to some reason then it can be performed during seventh pregnancy month.

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Simantonayana Sanskar - Live
Most important sanskar during seventh/eighth month of pregnancy

Simantonayana Sanskar is the third important sanskar among sixteen sanskars according to the vedic tradition. The purpose of this sanskar is to prevent from miscarriage, saftey of baby in womb, and to develop baby’s fortune. Through this sanskar pregnant lady is mently prepared for delivery time and keeping her positive. This ritual is performed under the guidance of group of vedic brahman group in the live session at Krisna Coming. This sanskar is performed during eighth month of pregnancy.

GarbhSanskar Sutra
Sutras to imbibe Mann, Buddhi & Sanskars in your child

During Pregnancy, each passing month develops different important aspects of your baby’s health & personality. ‘Krishna Coming’ GarbhSanskar, being a pure science; provides you with crucial Garbhsanskar ‘Sutra’ based on your current pregnancy stage.
These ‘Sutras’ transforms your pregnancy to a great experience & prepares you to welcome a child of your dreams with desired qualities to the world.

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Vedic Mantra Vrushti
Miraculous Vaidic Chants invoking various qualities in the baby

Vedic Mantras curated specially for the period of pregnancy to imbibe their divine effects onto the baby in the womb. Originated from Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda & Atharvaveda these mantras are chanted for your pregnancy by the world’s most knowledgable Vedic brahmins, following the stern & uncompromising rules of Varna, Swara, Matra, Balam, Saama& Santana.
These Vedic Garbh Sanskar Mantras have been found to have a miraculous positive effect on the child & mother.

GarbhSanskar Music
Music based on specific raagas

Effect of Indian Ragas and garbh sanskar music and garbh sanskar music on our Mood, Mind & Body is regarded & respected even by the top scientists & universities of the world.
During Pregnancy, the Scientific Application of traditional Ragas develop specific qualities such as ‘Buddhi’ (Intelligence), ‘Swaasthya’ (Health), ‘Svabhaav’ (Temperament), etc… in your soon to be born child.

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Jeevans Sutra- The Life Training
To guide you through the ups & downs of life

Generally, pregnant women get health related advice. But, unfortunately, they don’t get the solutions of their mental and emotional problems, which they face during pregnancy. We can’t ignore this issue.
The Life Training session of Krishna Coming, is a solution for this important aspect. In this section of life training, India renowned Life Trainers will guide you, how to live life in the most effective way.
He has been known for making the complex looking issues of life, easier and interesting by his sheer knowledge, observation and unique way of looking at life. ‘Jeevan Sutra’ sessions will help you in tackling your daily mental obstacles, easing up of all pent up stress & helping you to become the best version of yourself, ultimately becoming a better mother.

Medi-Mitra Sessions
Your Friend & Guide for all your medical concerns.

During pregnancy, the role of doctor’s should not be limited to medical prescriptions. It should be like a friend or an elder member of the family. Someone, who can guide you about the physical or mental issues that arise during pregnancy.
In the Medi-Mitra section Dr.Newalkar will be playing exactly the same role for a pregnant woman. With 22 years of work experience, including work experience in world famous AIIMs Delhi, she is one of the best available gynaecologists in the country. Dr.Newalkar will solve your every curiosity that may come in the mind, during pregnancy.

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Isht Mantra
Secret Isht Mantra determined by your date & time of birth

Krishna Coming GarbhSanskar, takes the Date & Time of Birth of both Mother & Father to be. After careful astrological calculations of lagna, the mother is provided a Unique & Secret Personal ‘Isht Mantra’. The mother is supposed to chant this mantra at least 108 times every day during the period of her pregnancy.
Chanting of this mantra ensures the blessings of the Isht dev the baby. In case a lady, due to any reason is unable to chant Isht mantra 108 times a day, she should make an effort to chant it minimum of 51 or 11 times a day.

Communication to forge the lifetime bond.

‘Samvad’- the dialogue or the communication, is one of the most crucial aspects of GarbhSanskar. Your baby may not be able to listen to your words in early pregnancy but your emotions & your feelings are never hidden from him/her. This communication, once prescribed by ancient Indian Rishis, is now a widely accepted practice proven by various scientific studies.
The Samvad sessions provide you the time to communicate with your soon-to-be-born baby. Rejoice in these joyous moments of pregnancy & forge the bond that will last the lifetime.

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Yognidra- The stress-relief session
Your Passage to inner peace

During Pregnancy you are continuously dealing with the ongoing physical changes, concerns for your baby, the nervousness of delivery, and unwarranted do’s and dont’s from friends and family. So the physical and mental fatigue is imminent. This fatigue hinders your efforts of ‘Garbh Sanskars’.
This is exactly why team Krishna Coming created these guided yognidra sessions to ensure your mental, physical and emotional rejuvenation. A 20 to 25 Mins session helps you find a more calm & refreshed version of yourself. You just have to make sure to follow the instructions provided in the app while listening to this session.

Parv (occasion) Based Sessions
Sessions for important festivals from perspective of GarbhSanskar

Garbh Sanskars are not just limited to mantra & music. It is a 360-degree lifestyle & pregnancy is a period where a pregnant lady transforms into a mother. The Parvnimitt or occasion-based session includes important time-specific remedies with respect to garbhsanskar which are needed to be done during specific festive days. Apart from the above-said session it also includes discourses that plant subconscious sanskaras in the mother as well as the baby.
for instance, the parvs include Holi, Deepavali, Navratri, Ekadashis, Ramanavami & much more.

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Supraj Santaanotpatti Havan
Live Havan for the birth of Divine Progeny

Once every month, the pregnant lady along with her husband & preferably with the entire family participates in a live online SuprajSantaanotpattiHavan. The aim of this havan is to pray for the health & qualities of the baby to the Devas &Navgrahas.
The date & timings of havan are shared with users in advance along with the ‘Samagri’ required. This havan is done entirely with VaidicPaddatti online by Vaidic Brahmin of team Krishna Coming, users have to follow the process as shown by the Brahmin.

To de-stress yourself

Meditation is an important aspect of garbh sanskar and is beneficial for the body as it de- stresses the mind. It involves getting into ‘zero state of mind’, which can help bring peace and tranquility, and enhance concentration. Visualizing good things about the baby while doing meditation during pregnancy is also a great way to bond and think positively, which can help both you and baby.

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Monthly Calendar
Planner for all monthly garbh sanskar activities

The Monthly Activity Planner provided in Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar app gives you the complete information, in advance, about the various activities lined up for the month. It gives you details about the date, time, and the expert associated with the respective activities/sessions.

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